Dixie Grand Fair 2018

For finger-lickin’ good food and awesome fun, be sure to participate in the Grand Fair hosted during the Dixie Fellowship on Friday night following the opening show and judges meetings. At the Grand Fair, Arrowmen will be able to experience a multitude of exciting activities while meeting Arrowmen from all over.

These activities will include patch trading, a delicious cracker barrel, lodge booths, booths for Venturing, OA High Adventure, NLS/DYLC, and Operation Arrow, a lodge chief pie-eating contest, and MUCH more. The guidelines for the booths are below:

1)      These booths will be very similar to those at the NOAC Founder’s Festival. Lodges will have the opportunity to set up their booth on Friday afternoon when they arrive.

2)     Lodges have the option to “preview” their lodge display at this event before competition on Saturday. If this is to be done, the Administration Coordinator should be contacted prior to the Dixie Fellowship.

3)      Each lodge is encouraged to host a special activity at their booth reflecting their spirit theme. Another option is the display of history, patches, and unique lodge items. This may also include giving out a food item or free promotional items from your lodge, council, or home camp to share with the SR-5 Arrowmen who visit the booth. Use your imagination and have fun!

4)      The Service Lodge shall have full control over the facilities for the Grand Fair.