Past Section Conclave Themes & Awards

2023 Awards– Mindful of Our High Traditions

2022 Awards– Embrace A Better Future

2021 Awards– True Service Always Lives Inward

2020- New Brotherhood Same Traditions

2019 Awards– Honor the Tradition, Strengthen the Ties

2018 Awards– Those Who Chose You Need You

2017 Awards– Whispers of the Past – A Vision of the Future

2016 Awards– What is your legacy?

2015 Awards– Remembering the Past, Honoring the Future

2014 Awards– United in a Life of Cheerful Service

2013 Awards– The Spark is Here

2012 Awards– Gathering as One

2011_Awards– Horizons of Service

2010 Awards– Build Upon This Legacy

2009 Awards– Honoring the Past, Envisioning the Future

2008 Awards– Fan the Flame of Cheerful Service

2007 Awards– Preserving the Traditions

2006 Awards– Let Us Try to Find the Arrow

2005 Awards– Take Your Place in the Circle

2004 Awards– Find the Flame, Light the Fire

2003 Awards– The Tradition Continues

2002 Awards– A Golden Legacy

2001 Awards– Remember the Past, Serve the Future

2000 Awards– Your Journey is just Beginning

1999 Awards– Cheerfully Serving into the 21st Century

1998 Awards– Faithful to these High Ideals

1997 Awards– Look You Back

1996  Awards– Catch the Dream, Carry the Spirit

1995- An Adventure of the Spirit

1994 Awards– You Were Drawn From Many Others

1993- A New Beginning
1992- Seek the Higher Vision
1991- With Hearts and Wills United
1990- A Noble Goal and Purpose
1989- Aim High, Serve Y’all
1988- Weld Tightly Every Link
1987- Go Become a New Arrowman Now and Serve
1986- In the Spirit of the Order
1985- 70 Years in the Spirit
1984- Those Who Chose You, Need You
1983- A Golden Past and a Brighter Future
1982- Mindful of Our High Tradition
1981- Scouting – A Thing of the Spirit
1980- Kindling the Flame
1979- Find the Greater Beauty
1978- For Friendship
1977- 25 Years of Service
1976- Our Heritage
1975- Mindful Now of Our Traditions
1974- National Standard Lodge for Section 3-B
1973- none or unknown
1972- none or unknown
1971- none or unknown
1970- none or unknown
1969- No Dixie this year
1968- none or unknown
1967- none or unknown
1966- none or unknown
1965- Fifty Years of Service 1915 – 1965
1964- Catch the Higher Vision
1963- Sturdy More Fit Brotherhood of Arrowmen
1962- Strengthen America through Scout Camping
1961- I’ll Do My Best: to Build, to Serve, to Achieve
1960- Better Camping through the Golden Jubilee
1959- Brothers in Service, Leaders in Camping
1958- The Truest Arrow for Leadership and Safety
1957- Serving God and My Country through the Order of the Arrow
1956- The Order of the Arrow and Me
1955- Better Camping and More Boys through the Order of the Arrow
1954- Our Heritage is Nature, our Purpose to Conserve
1953- Information and Aims and Ideals of the Order of the Arrow
1952- Brotherhood – Wimachtendienk