Conclave is a section-wide event where we invite all our members to join us in training and fellowship. During our annual Conclave, we have training opportunities available from Dutch Oven cooking to the history of the order. We also have fun activities for all our members, no matter their activity level, to participate.
We are looking forward to having you join us at Belk Scout Camp in the spring!



Meet the Coordinators

Senior Coordinator

Grace Franklin

Muscogee Lodge 116

Contact Information:

Service Lodge Coordinator

Aedan Mcateer

Catawba Lodge 459

Contact Information:

Administration Coordinator

Wyatt Muckinhaupt

 Bob White Lodge 87

Contact Information:

American Indian Events Coordinator

Lincoln Shirey

Unali’Yi Lodge 236

Contact Information:

Program Coordinator

Sam Brown

Catawba Lodge 459

Contact Information:

Training Coordinator

David Boggs

Eswau Huppeday Lodge 560

Contact Information:

Ceremony Events Coordinator

Caleb Mulholland

Eswau Huppeday Lodge 560

Contact Information:

Special Events Coordinator

Leland Green

Bob White Lodge 87

Contact Information:

Shows Coordinator

Pierce Chaffee

Bob White Lodge 87

Contact Information:

Conclave Communications Coordinator

Andrew Barton

Unali’yi Lodge 236

Contact Information:

Conclave Administrative Events Competitions

More Information on Conclave Administrative events, including web judge signup, can be found HERE.

Conclave Program Events Competitions

Information on Conclave Program Competitions, the Quest for the Golden Arrow, are located HERE.

2024 Conclave Guidelines

The Conclave Guidelines document contains all of the essential information about the conclave, including complete rules for all competitive events.  Get a copy of this important document HERE.

A listing of the key dates, important to the leadership of all participating lodges, can be found HERE.