Conclave Administrative Events Competitions

Key Dates:

March 1                    Website & Video Production Information Due

March 12                  Lodge Display Special Requests Due (facility, power, etc)

April 1-20                  Website Competition Judging Period

April 7                       Video Production Competition Submission Due

April 8-20                  Video Production Competition Judging Period

April 21                     Admin Events Judges Meeting (Lodge Display, Handbook, Newsletter, Totem Pole)

April 22                     Admin Events Competition Judging Period


Lodge Website & Video Production Competition Registration: 

Key-3 members must register for website and video competition using the form found  HERE. The form must be completed by each lodge by March 1st.


Video Production Competition Submission:

Lodges must submit their video no later than April 7th. Key-3 members may submit their video using the form found HERE.


Lodge Display Competition:

The Lodge Display Competition will be held Saturday morning during the conclave. Key-3 members must submit any special requests regarding electricity or facilities needs by March 12th to


Competition Judging:

Judges for the Lodge Website and Video Production competitions will be contacted based on the information provided by Lodge Key-3 members in the link above. Judges will be provided information and links to electronically score and submit their score sheets no later than the start date of each event. 

All remaining events will be judged during the conclave. The remaining names for judges will be submitted by the Key-3 at the Friday evening Council of Chiefs to the Section Admin Coordinator. A judges meeting will be held later that evening following the opening show (time/location TBD).

Additional Events / Information:

Information regarding the remaining administrative events can be found in the 2023 Official Guidelines. If there are any questions, please contact the Section Administrative Coordinator and their adviser at