What is a Section?

The Order of the Arrow consists of two regions: Eastern and Gateway. Each of these regions is made up of sections. Our section, Eastern Region Section 7 (E7), consists of nine lodges from all of South Carolina, parts of North Carolina and Georgia. This is a new section designation (2022).  Previously, our section designation was SR-5 or Southern Region Section 5, under a former 4 Region structure.  The geographic territory for the new Section E7 is identical to the former SR-5.

Every year, the lodges in a section gather for an event known as conclave.  During conclave, a section gathers for fellowship and sharing of skills and best practices. Over the years, our section has distinguished itself through a nationally-known program. From our unique competitions such as totem pole carving to patch trading, spirit, and amazing food, it’s a truly memorable experience for those who attend.

In addition to a conclave, the section is responsible for the year-round monitoring and guidance of its lodges. A section is led by three youth officers elected at each conclave: Section Chief, Vice Chief, and Secretary. These leaders are advised by an adult Section Adviser and professional Staff Adviser. The Council of Chiefs is the core leadership body of the section. The Council of Chiefs consists of the three Section Officers, the ten Lodge Chiefs, and Section Coordinators.