Section Leadership

Section Chief

Elijah Aiken

Brotherhood Honor

Meet your Chief, Elijah Aiken hails from Atta Kulla Kulla 185 in the upstate of SC. Previously he has served as Section Vice Chief, Section training coordinator, Section special events coordinator, and Lodge Chief of Atta Kulla Kulla. Elijah also serves as an NLS trainer and manages the Eastern Region Social media on the NCC. In the fall he will attend Anderson University while majoring in secondary education. A fun fact about Elijah is that he loves being hype and won most school spirit at his HS this year. Elijah is most excited to see each and every one of you while visiting lodges around the section this year!

Section Vice Chief

Caleb Mulholland

Vigil Honor

Meet your Vice Chief, Caleb Mulholland! Caleb hails from Eswau Huppeday Lodge 560 in NC. Previously, he has served as Section Ceremonies Coordinator. Currently, Caleb serves as Lodge Chief, NLS Staff, as a Team Lead on the NCC, and as a team member on Polestar. Caleb currently attends the University of North Carolina at Charlotte studying Computer Science and Cyber Security, with plans to go into the Air Force upon graduation. A fun fact about Caleb is that he plays electric guitar, and loves classic rock! He is most excited about getting to see each and every Arrowman in Section E7, and getting ready for Conclave 2025!

Section Secretary

Abigail Watson

Vigil Honor

Meet your Secretary, Abigail Watson! Abi hails from Itibapishe Iti Hollo Lodge 188 in North Carolina. Previously, she has served as Chapter Chief, Indigenous Affairs Chairman, and two term Treasurer in her lodge. In the fall she will attend Western Carolina University while majoring in Music Education. A fun fact about Abi is that she loves preforming and recently acted in her school musical, Pippin, which has received 5 high school theater award nominations (Blumeys), including best overall musical! Abi is so excited to meet so many incredible Arrowmen in each of our section’s lodges and to experience everything they have to offer!