North Carolina BSA Report to the State

By Nick Zanzot
SR-5 Section Vice Chief

For over 100 years, Scouting and the Order of the Arrow have been integral parts of the United States of America. Ever since 1916, when the United States congress issued a congressional charter to the BSA, we have also been involved with the U.S. government as a recognized body.

This past month, myself along with other members of lodge’s around North Carolina, participated in giving a report of the BSA’s success’s in this past year to the North Carolina House of Representatives in our annual Report to the State. Hosted by Eagle Scout and North Carolina Supreme Court Associate Justice Paul Newby, we as scouters were recognized on the floor of the House for our achievements as scouters, and also members of the BSA that are veterans were also recognized for their service. Justice Newby decided that this years theme would go to honor those scouters that have served their country so admirably, and every Legislative member gave a standing ovation in recognition of the BSA’s past year, as well as thanking our incredible members in the armed forces. This was an incredible experience to be a part of. Our NC BSA contingent received special access to view North Carolina’s original copy of the Bill of Rights, as well as a special tour of the NC Legislative building. The whole experience reminded me that this was a celebration of everything that scouters not only in North Carolina, but around the world, have accomplished. On behalf of SR-5, I thank Justice Newby and members of the NC Legislature for their hospitality. I am looking forward to seeing what all we as scouters can accomplish in this upcoming year, and I hope I will see even more members of SR-5 at the next Report to the State in 2018!