An Arrowman’s Journey: Prism 2016

PRISM-WebTileBy Harrison Flowers
Section SR-5 Administration Coordinator

Recently, I had the privilege of attending Prism at the Summit Bechtel Reserve. Prism, the event, served as the physical prism, and you were the beam of light.

As many of you know, as a beam of light travels through a prism it is converted into many beams of light of varying colors. The defining purpose of Prism was to experience the newly-constructed rededication ceremony, known as the Summit Circle and to transform your view of the Order. Along with the ceremony, just like all other Order of the Arrow events, there was a time for service. Due to the weather, my team and I were not able to complete the service project. However, Phil Bethune and Mark Hall from Santee Lodge said that they “built small bridges to be used as a cross way for the many ditches around the Summit” during the biblical rains that are often associated with the site.

After the rain lifted, there was also a time for fun! Santee Lodge was able to be apart of many different activities, including mountain biking, canopy tours, and archery. These are only a snippet of the number of activities to do at the Summit! If you would like to experience some of these activities from my point-of-view, please visit this website,, to watch my YouTube video!

I won’t spoil all of the details about the Summit Circle and the special rededication ceremony, but Prism was definitely an awesome experience and I hope they continue with the event in the future.