The Conclave Experience

#CornerstoneConclave | Our annual Section Conclave is our biggest fellowship of the year! This is a time of excitement and fun shared among all ten of our great lodges. Be sure to mark your calendars for conclave on April 21-23, 2023 at Camp Ho Non Wah!


While at the Cornerstone Conclave, experience thrilling shows with non-stop spirit and exciting entertainment. On Friday night, we will gather once again in a surge of lodge spirit and reflect together on the theme: “Embrace A Better Future”. On Saturday evening, we will celebrate our appreciation for American Indian culture as each historical group dance team performs. Along with this, our Section Chief will lead the member lodges in electing the 2022-2023 Section Officers. On Sunday morning, a chapel service and awards ceremony will be conducted before the new officers are sworn in and the outgoing Chief hits the lake!

Patch Trading

One of the highlights of every Section Conclave is the incredible amount of patch trading that happens. The Cornerstone Conclave is the GO-TO place for patch traders in the South so be sure to not leave your patches back at home.


While at the Cornerstone Conclave, don’t ever expect to go hungry. Enjoy delicious food throughout the entire weekend at the camp’s dining hall.  All dietary needs must be reported to the host lodge.


Of all the things that are a part of the Cornerstone Conclave, spirit encompasses all of it. During the E7 Conclave, experience the clashes of lodge spirit and the thrill of being part of something HUGE. Go all out and prepare to have a ton of fun! 


Besides NOAC and Jamboree, the Section Conclave will be the largest experience in your journey as a Scout. While at Conclave, you’ll meet over 1,000 fellow Arrowmen from 10 different lodges spread across the Carolinas and Georgia. Make some new friends! 

Administration Competitions

From competitions such as Lodge Newsletter, Website, and Totem Pole to the Spirit and Lodge of the Year awards, the Cornerstone Conclave has it all when it comes to Administration competitions.

Quest for the Golden Arrow

Get ready for some exciting, friendly competition with your brothers in the section as you endeavor to win the prestigious Quest for the Golden Arrow award!


Some of the most exciting and intriguing moments from the Cornerstone Conclave come from our ceremonial competitions. From first-time beginners to seasoned Arrowmen, there will be great resources and forums available for all ceremonialists. Ask questions, get great tips, and receive feedback from ceremonies experts.  Be sure to check out the teams from each lodge who will be competing in Pre-Ordeal and Brotherhood ceremonies!

American Indian Activities

American Indian Activities is, without a doubt, a cornerstone of our section. The various events offered, including powwows, individual dance, sing team, and historical group dance competitions, will immerse guests in the rich culture of the Order’s traditions.

Recreation & Camping

At the Cornerstone Conclave, Arrowmen will have the opportunity to stay at Camp Ho Non Wah of Coastal Carolina.


Each year, Conclave offers a wide selection of training topics for Arrowmen to choose from. Here, you can enhance your leadership skills and learn more about areas such as American Indian Activities and OA High Adventure.

Conclave Guidelines, Proposal for 2022

PROPOSED Guidelines – Section Conclave 2022

FINAL Guidelines – Section Conclave 2022