SR-5 Council of Chiefs | September Update

newsMy brothers,

I hope this email finds you well. Earlier this month, you received information regarding Operation Arrow, OAHA, and LINK. In this September update for the Section SR-5 Council of Chiefs, I have outlined several key reminders for our COC as we continue to make headway into this next century of service.

2017 Dixie Fellowship Proposal Coming Soon!

The 2017 Dixie Fellowship is nearly complete and will be in your hands very soon! Please remember to mark your calendars for the Section Seminar, Council of Chiefs meeting, and Dixie Preview on November 12th at Camp Barstow.

Preparing for the Section Seminar

As stated earlier, we will be hosting a special Section Seminar immediately before the COC meeting. The theme of this seminar is “Best Practice Symposium” and Nick, Stuart, and I hope each lodge can utilize the skills gained at NEXT and bring some new innovative ideas back home. Each lodge will have approximately 5 minutes to share an innovative idea or practice that their lodge has found to be successful. For example, my lodge (Atta Kulla Kulla) will be presenting a brief session on our Cherokee bandolier bags that we utilize as a recognition of service. We hope you are as excited for this unique opportunity as we are! Chiefs, if you have any questions on how to best prepare for this, please feel free to let me know. Please email Section Secretary Stuart Park your topic by October 15th so it can be recorded in the COC schedule portion of the 2017 Dixie Proposal.

2017 Service Grant Deadline on the Horizon

The October 31st deadline for 2017 Service Grants is quickly approaching! The lodges of Section SR-5 have received many grants in the past and we hope that does not stop now. Please consider filling out the petition, located here:

Update from the Vice Chief

Dear Fellow Arrowmen,

It has been an exciting past couple of months!! As many of you may have seen, I was able to be a part of the Area 5 Venturing Legacy 4.0, and it was a blast!! You can read more about it in my blog article on the Section website ( This was the beginning of a stronger relationship between the OA and Venturing in our Area, and throughout the year, we will continue to work together to promote scouting and its practices whenever we can!

On another note, my time as Lodge Chief of Catawba Lodge is coming to a close. I will continue to serve as Section Vice Chief, and I cannot wait to focus even more on our Section as a whole. I would like to thank Catawba Lodge for their continued support and I look forward to the new Catawba Lodge Chief joining the COC and bringing a new voice to the team.

Yours in Scouting,

Nick Zanzot | Catawba Lodge Chief, SR-5 Vice Chief

Update from the Secretary


Fall is among us! You know what that means? It means we are another season closer to DIXIE 2017! We are very excited about what is happening over the next few months leading up to Dixie. November will be our COC held at Camp Barstow and I among other section leadership will be visiting your lodge! We want to see what is going on in your lodge and we want to showcase you on our social media pages, E-News, and Five Feathers Newsletter! The Fall edition of the Five Feathers will be available the first week of October on the SR-5 website! We want you to love it, share it, and gain information from it. With that being said, if you have any articles from your lodges newsletter that you would like to submit, WE WANT THEM! Simply email and you may just see it in the Five Feathers! I am also still missing State of the Lodge updates from the following lodges:

Bob White

If you have not submitted this, we need it. Pictures are also a great tool as well – send those too!

We also need the following lodges to fill out lodge leader information on our google doc:

Bob White

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In Cheerful Service,
Stuart Park | SR-5 Section Secretary

Final Thoughts from the Chief

For many of us, fall is our favorite time of the year as lodge events begin to kick into full gear. Just recently, I enjoyed a fantastic visit to Itibap at their Fall Ordeal, came back home the next weekend for AKK’s Fall Fellowship, and this weekend, I look forward to visiting Tsali for their Fall Fellowship.

With that said, this is also the time of year where many lodges hold officer elections. I would like to extend our deepest appreciation to AKK Chief Ben Rosenberger and Eswau Chief Philip Guadagno for their leadership in service. Jakob Helderman now takes the reins for Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge and Caleb Rohlfing has been chosen to serve Eswau. Below, I have attached pictures of our two brothers being sworn in.

Until we meet again, remember to keep the Arrow aimed high! As always, please do not ever hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. WWW

In the Spirit of our Founders,
Matthew Watson | SR-5 Section Chief