The Jamboree Vice-Chief Experience

This year at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree, SR-5 was represented well as Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge Chief and previous Section Chief, Matthew Watson, worked hard spending his time with Operation Arrow as a Jamboree Vice Chief. Here’s some of Matthew’s regards and memories of the jamboree.


“Of all Scouting’s opportunities, it’s hallmark event is the National Scout Jamboree. This year, the Order of the Arrow provided its largest staff ever – 650 Arrowmen strong. During this incredible event, I had the privilege to represent SR-5 as the Jamboree Vice Chief of the Order’s American Indian Village on top of Garden Ground Mountain. Over the course of the event, we saw over 30,000 Scouts visit the Village and explore the Shawnee culture that is very alive today. On our staff of 75 Arrowmen, a large majority were from SR-5, including representatives from Atta Kulla Kulla Lodge, Muscogee Lodge, Unali’yi Lodge, and Itibapishe Iti Hollo Lodge. In addition to our program responsibilities, the Order of the Arrow staff had the duty of ushering each of the three shows, including the Presidential visit that served as a pre-show for the OA’s “Fellowship and Service” show. In preparation for each show, multiple debriefs were conducted including a special one with instructions from the Secret Service. At the Fellowship and Service Show, a historic moment for SR-5 occurred as I performed a ceremony at the Summit Circle as Allowat Sakima along with three other of the most seasoned ceremonialists in the country. The ceremony filmed at the Summit Circle was the first of its kind with ceremonialists in Eastern Woodlands ceremonial regalia at the site and was also the first time the OA Principals had ever been featured to a full National Scout Jamboree audience. Overall, the Jamboree was a fun experience for all who had the privilege to attend and the Operation Arrow staff was truly the fuel of the event. The Arrowmen of SR-5 should be very proud of the accomplishments of their brothers at the Jamboree.”