Southern Region Spirit of Excellence – 2nd Edition

Greetings Arrowmen! It is our hope that each of you found the last issue of the Spirit of Excellence helpful. This edition is themed “Pathways to Success” and has been built to help present to you examples of various paths you may take to reach your JTE goals.

Southern Region Spirit of Excellence – 1st Edition

Greetings Arrowmen! With a new year ahead, this is the prime time to take a look back at your lodge’s JTE data and plan ahead for the future. The Southern Region Order of the Arrow’s Spirit of Excellence program is designed to help lodge officers understand JTE data from previous years and succeed on their […]

SR-5 Council of Chiefs | January Update

Greetings brothers, We hope this email finds you well. Attached below, you will find the State of the Section report, presented to all of the Scouting leaders who attended the Area 5 Key Leadership Conference on Saturday. Our section is in terrific shape and the momentum for everything coming our way in 2017 is building!

2017 Area 5 Meeting Report

In January, Section Chief Matthew Watson traveled to Columbia, SC to represent the Order of the Arrow in SR-5. While there, he gave a report on the state of the station. You can take a look at all we’ve accomplished in 2016 here in that report: Section SR-5 2016 Report