SR-5 Council of Chiefs | January Update

Greetings brothers,

We hope this email finds you well. Attached below, you will find the State of the Section report, presented to all of the Scouting leaders who attended the Area 5 Key Leadership Conference on Saturday. Our section is in terrific shape and the momentum for everything coming our way in 2017 is building!
2017 Dixie Fellowship
It cannot be stated enough – we need everyone to be ALL IN for this Dixie Fellowship. Please take full advantage of all the D-PRO resources that are available to you. 
Working together, we can ensure that the 65th anniversary Dixie Fellowship is the biggest and best one yet! Moving forward, we will begin to “focus in” on our preparations for the Dixie Fellowship. It is important to contact the appropriate individuals should you ever have any questions along the way.
Service Lodge Coordinator:
Administration Coordinator:
Ceremonies Coordinator:
American Indian Events Coordinator:
Program Coordinator:
Training Coordinator:
Associate Coordinator:
Special Events Coordinator:
Shows Coordinator:

Dixie Guidelines
In case you need the link, here are the 2017 Dixie Fellowship Guidelines, approved at the November 2016 Council of Chiefs Meeting:

Important Upcoming Deadlines

  • If you have not emailed Alex Summers the training information he requested (topic, trainer names and contact info), please get that sent to him ASAP! Deadline was January 15th. 
  • January 31 (TOMORROW): Pre-Orders (paid in full) and $10 deposit for each delegate due to the Service Lodge. 
Reflecting on the Carolina’s Indian Seminar
Fellow Arrowmen,

I wanted to send a big thank you to all of you that attended Carolina’s Indian Seminar. It is because of the great love and respect of American Indian Affairs by the Arrowmen in this section that we are able to have such great success in events like CIS. Our section is a treasure trove of American Indian knowledge and I encourage you to continue in your AIA experience or get started and find someone to tell you a little more. Working as staff at the American Indian Village at Jamboree was one of the best opportunities I’ve had during my time in the Order. Our Section Chief Matt Watson will be serving as the Jamboree Vice Chief at this Jamboree and if you would like a little more info about this great program, shoot him an email at 
Wimachtendienk, Wingolauchsik, Witahemui, 
Thomas Colton
SR-5 Special Events Coordinator
Final Words from the Officers
Dixie 2017 is swiftly approaching and we must do everything we can to get as many Arrowmen as possible to attend. The 65th anniversary celebration will truly be an unforgettable event! 
Until we meet again, let’s continue to keep the Arrow aimed high! As always, please do not ever hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. WWW
In the Spirit of our Founders,
Matthew Watson | SR-5 Section Chief
Nick Zanzot | SR-5 Section Vice Chief
Stuart Park | SR-5 Section Secretary 

Section SR-5 2016 Report